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Exercising after a c-section 

It’s now nearly five months since I had my second c-section and I’m slowly re-introducing some exercise.

I’ve found it quite tricky to know the best things to do after a caesarean – you don’t really get any advice after you’ve had one, you’re just left to get on with it. It’s a bit weird as it is major abdominal surgery.

I went for my first run and that felt ok although the burn in my hips told me my ligaments are still a bit loose. 

The relaxin hormone that prepares the pelvis to widen for childbirth leaves its mark for a while, which I found out the hard way with my last pregnancy, when I went for a run a bit too soon, hit a pothole and couldn’t regain my balance, collapsing in a heap and head-butting the tarmac. It’s supposed to be best to wait about 3-6 months after giving birth to indulge in high impact exercise.

Next, I’m going to try some HIIT sessions and see if I can make a start on reducing my c-section pouch as I like to call it, which overhangs the scar. I don’t want to be a kangaroo forever.

Any advice on particularly good exercises post-caesarean would be most welcome!

Image from Pixabay


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