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On the trail of Stick Man

Our most recent family day out took us to the Forestry Commission’s Bedgebury Forest in Kent. Our main aim – to find Stick Man, a character our toddler finds particularly hilarious in the film of The Gruffalo’s Child, when there is literally one second of footage involving him falling over in the snow, which has… Continue reading On the trail of Stick Man

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Yes I do intentionally have needles stuck in me…

When I had my first miscarriage, I decided I needed to bring some equilibrium and balance to my mind and body so decided to try acupuncture. I found it really helped to calm and de-stress me so I decided that I should try it once more after my third miscarriage. My previous acupuncturist was very good… Continue reading Yes I do intentionally have needles stuck in me…

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It starts with a scratch

Progress has begun for me on the recurrent miscarriage trials. I had a call a couple of weeks ago to say that my blood test results were back from the University Hospital in Coventry. They had all come back ok except for the TSH test that measures thyroid function. Normal function is seen in the… Continue reading It starts with a scratch

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Trying to make a difference

I’ve been really keen to try and help with research into miscarriage in some way and so I have been keeping an eye on the Tommy’s website since their early miscarriage centre opened in London in April. I checked the site a couple of weeks ago and found they were recruiting for two different trials… Continue reading Trying to make a difference

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Men and miscarriage

You’ve heard me ramble on about miscarriage plenty, in the hope it encourages more discussion, but often male partners can be forgotten. Just as we still put the emphasis on ‘mother and baby’, there is often more focus on ‘mother and miscarriage’ too. It’s difficult because the physical pain and most of the subsequent testing… Continue reading Men and miscarriage

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The PRISM trial

Today is a good time to mention the PRISM trial as the Miscarriage Association reports that 45 hospitals are now taking part. The trial looks at the effectiveness of progesterone in preventing miscarriage when early bleeding in pregnancy occurs – hugely important research. Here’s hoping some really conclusive evidence results. You can read more about the… Continue reading The PRISM trial