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Superheroes and spooks

So we got through half term and managed to complete the school project we were set to make superhero favourites.

I say we because it involved me frantically searching Pinterest ideas at the last minute whilst Herbie’s involvement consisted of painting loo rolls – progress from only wanting to paint himself – with the help of his grandparents, who also decided to critique my assistance at the same time. ‘I really don’t think  Hulk’s arms are long enough, you know…’

Husband and I then ended up frantically trying to finish them the night before school started again, wondering how we ended up here, worrying about whether a bog roll Captain America was the right colour, and I received further critique on Hulk’s expression (not aggressive enough apparently – too quizzical).

After the stress of the loo roll superheroes, I decided to have a Halloween tea the next day. Great for H to see his old friends from nursery, not great when you only have butter not spread in the house. Butter was clearly not designed to be put on bread. You either destroy the bread as it breaks up into lumps before your eyes or you end up with one lardy clump in the middle. I went for the lardy clump. Also, don’t bother trying to make sandwiches look like spiders. Great in theory but you end up wasting half a loaf of bread cutting out the body shape and the carrot legs turn out short and stumpy, and don’t get eaten. Just dump a tub of Tangfastics on the table and be done with it.


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