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Fussy McFusspants

Today’s burning topic: fussy eating We are currently on the cusp of Gus turning 2 and his eating is regressing like a chicken hatching back into its egg. He weaned pretty well, although took a while to master finger food. I put that down to lazy genes (husband’s obviously). He picked up a taste for… Continue reading Fussy McFusspants


Top 5 toddler tips of the week

After a difficult week, with our toddler at the ‘pushing the boundaries’ stage, I thought I’d share these pearls of wisdom from him. On beauty regimes: ‘Mummy you haven’t done your make up this morning…you really should.’ On fashion: ‘I am not wearing that cardigan. It is so NOT COOL.’ On self-awareness: ‘If I’m naughty,… Continue reading Top 5 toddler tips of the week