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Fussy McFusspants

Today’s burning topic: fussy eating

We are currently on the cusp of Gus turning 2 and his eating is regressing like a chicken hatching back into its egg. He weaned pretty well, although took a while to master finger food. I put that down to lazy genes (husband’s obviously).

He picked up a taste for fruit and veg early and actually still will at least eat apple (whole and cut up), carrot (but not cooked), banana (one bite off the end), cucumber (nibbles the skin) and a bit of pear.

But for about the last six months, he has made the nutritional decision to let absolutely no hot food pass his lips apart from potato waffles, and certainly no meat or fish.

Vegetarianism is the way to go then. Apart from the fact that he won’t eat eggs…or cheese…or any pulses.

He will eat plain Hula Hoops, Dairylea Dunkers minus the Dairylea, breadsticks, toast (but not sandwiches), malt loaf, biscuits and cake. Heavy on the carbs, hold the protein please.

And he will eat yoghurt, but DO NOT put the spoon in it for him. And Ella’s Kitchen pouches – but only the Yellow One.

I may have on one occasion sat beside him sobbing and pleading with him to eat more than the dietary equivalent of a bag of sugar and a bowl of saturated fat, but to no avail other than to make myself fret about giving him an unhealthy emotional complex about food.

So for now, I’m trying not to stress when he screams ‘NO LIKE IT!!!’ at everything and instead marvel at the way he can examine his broccoli and say the word almost perfectly yet aggressively hammer-throw it across the room if you suggest actually eating it.

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