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Out the other side

Out the other side is very much how I feel heading into the New Year. Being pregnant at Christmas made me feel a huge pressure to feel happy and upbeat when sometimes I felt scared and uncertain. Because everything shuts down – it also made me feel vulnerable in case anything happened. Like being adrift in limbo land. Coming down with a bad cold and cough left me dwelling on my anxieties and to be honest I was glad to get back to routine and focus – I definitely function better like this. It’s important to switch off but not if it makes you feel cut off. 

I’ve had my next midwife appointment this week and we were able to listen to a strong heartbeat and I can feel some movement now, which is reassuring. The Tommy’s unit in Coventry rang me before Christmas to say they were thinking of me and checking in, which made all the difference. A hand on the shoulder giving me a reassuring squeeze. 

Beginning to feel like our wilted Christmas tree before we took it down, it’s good to get back to a clear space again.

Tommy’s place a real importance on supporting mental as well as physical health in pregnant women, particularly after pregnancy loss. Their National Centre for Miscarriage research is currently undertaking a study into mental health issues, including PTSD, associated with early pregnancy loss, and the opportunities for support and treatment. You can read more here.


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