A bad blood test?

Warning: extremely dry facts post coming up.

All the blood tests ordered by the GP since the third miscarriage have come back ok except for my progesterone levels, which I knew were low anyway.
Then there were the routine hormonal tests I had to have after seeing the consultant, which included checking my oestradiol level (measuring estrogen levels, which act to mature and release eggs), my LH level (measuring luteinizing hormone, which also acts to release eggs during ovulation and is controlled by the pituitary gland), my prolactin level (also produced by the pituitary gland, which if high can affect ovulation) and my antimullerian hormone or AMH level (which is a protein hormone and a marker for ovarian/egg reserve). Basically, ovulation is a massive hormonal balancing act and everything needs to be in alignment to function at its best.

I had the results from these last week and all were ok…except the AMH test which was 1.7 pmol/L, which is really low and at the level you would expect for someone heading towards the menopause. As my mum started the menopause at 38, and I’ll be 38 this year, the result was a bit worrying.

So I phoned the consultant’s secretary on the advice of the GP as I had a follow up appointment come through for September and we thought it wise to see if this could be brought forward as if I’m about to start hot flushes, irrational outbursts and heart palpatations, my window for a successful second pregnancy might be pretty short, and it needed an expert to properly interpret the results. 

Well the consultant thinks the AMH result is wrong so I am going to retake the blood test as soon as I can.

So take two and see what happens…confused AF now.

Image from Pixabay


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