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Blog series post #3: the next steps for IVF Part 1

As well as breakthroughs in miscarriage research, which I talked about in last week’s post, there has been constant progress in the field of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). It has been over 40 years since the first ‘test-tube’ baby, born in the same year as me and, since then, over 1.1 million IVF treatment cycles… Continue reading Blog series post #3: the next steps for IVF Part 1

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Blog series post #2: Breakthroughs in miscarriage research

Following on from last week’s post on pregnancy loss support, many research projects are helping to make leaps forward in understanding the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of pregnancy loss, and finding new treatments for prevention. The cell-free fetal DNA study is investigating whether analysis of cell-free fetal DNA could help ascertain genetic reasons for early miscarriages. Women… Continue reading Blog series post #2: Breakthroughs in miscarriage research

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Together for change

I went to see the writer David Sedaris this weekend on his latest book tour. Amongst the memories he recalled were of people who had stood out at after-show signings. Two days ago, he remembered, he met a lovely Japanese woman. As his latest book is a collection of diary entries, he asked whether she… Continue reading Together for change

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Europe reviews definition of recurrent miscarriage

The Miscarriage Association has highlighted the publication of the guideline Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, produced by ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). It provides up-to-date information about investigations into and treatment for recurrent miscarriage, reviews the research evidence and makes recommendations for clinical practice, with patients’ needs paramount when considering the best way to… Continue reading Europe reviews definition of recurrent miscarriage

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The PRISM trial

Today is a good time to mention the PRISM trial as the Miscarriage Association reports that 45 hospitals are now taking part. The trial looks at the effectiveness of progesterone in preventing miscarriage when early bleeding in pregnancy occurs – hugely important research. Here’s hoping some really conclusive evidence results. You can read more about the… Continue reading The PRISM trial

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Decisions decisions

We had our next appointment at the fertility clinic this week to talk about my low AMH results. The result was that there is not a lot that can be done. We had thought Clomid might be suggested but the opinion was that as everything else is ‘normal’ – i.e my periods are regular and all… Continue reading Decisions decisions

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Fuelling anxiety

As I’ve mentioned before, I found one of the difficulties with pregnancy after loss was dealing with the heightened state of anxiety that it brings. After two miscarriages, I found it very hard to imagine a positive outcome for my third pregnancy. It was almost as if thinking that things were OK would mean that… Continue reading Fuelling anxiety