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Together for change

I went to see the writer David Sedaris this weekend on his latest book tour. Amongst the memories he recalled were of people who had stood out at after-show signings. Two days ago, he remembered, he met a lovely Japanese woman. As his latest book is a collection of diary entries, he asked whether she kept diaries. No, she said, I have a sketchbook. She went on to say she had lost a baby two days earlier and showed him the picture she had drawn of the son she had lost.

This opening up of such a painful memory had obviously touched him and it highlighted again the importance of sharing these experiences of loss to remove the stigma of talking about them.

Tommy’s has launched a new campaign, #TogetherForChange, which is further encouraging people to share their stories of pregnancy and baby loss, to help break the silence.

When I talk about my own losses, I often feel others are then more comfortable revealing theirs, and are confident they will be heard. Like a hand on the shoulder, saying it’s ok.

Becoming pregnant after a loss is understandably also a very scary time, something that is rarely properly acknowledged. That is why it is so important that Tommy’s has launched a new Facebook forum where people can come together as a community for support and understanding about baby loss without fear of judgement.

You can find out more about the #TogetherForChange campaign and join the support group here.


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