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Poetry for healing after miscarriage

Going through miscarriage has been made even more traumatic due to the restrictions put on attending antenatal appointments and scans during the pandemic. A new book of poems, Healing After Miscarriage by Vicki Renz, aims to help process the feelings of grief and loss after such a difficult event, when it can be hard to find the right words to offer support. The book also features positive affirmations that can be practised daily to help navigate periods of feeling low.

Vicki went through miscarriage five times before finally becoming a mother to two boys, and has since made it her mission to help other women going through this painful experience. She says, “I became acutely aware that so many women were suffering at the perceived cruelness of words at a time when they are already feeling traumatised and distressed. I really felt that a gift of consolation is something that would help so many women with their emotions. To have a safe place of solace and comfort, where they feel understood and supported. What’s more, it is meant as a gift that people close to them can give, when it is hard for them to find the words and want to show that they care.”

Vicki has also created an online course and coaching programme to guide women on their pathway through grief and has produced short videos covering early pregnancy symptoms and miscarriage on her Oh My Mama Body YouTube channel to help women understand their bodies .

One of the main wishes for Vicki with Healing After Miscarriage is to reach those who are feeling lost, alone and empty, and give them a lifeline. The book of poems also features beautiful illustrations by Shishi Nguyen.

You can order a copy of the book at


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