Beat the system? No need, it’s already beating itself up

So after my third miscarriage a couple of months ago, I got a hospital referral to see a consultant gynaecologist. I was prepared for a bit of a wait and was told it could take about three months.

First of all I received a letter, not to say I had an appointment but that I had been put on the waiting list. OK, thanks for that. Kind of stating the obvious but whatever.

Yesterday I got my hopes up when another letter came through the door only to open it and discover I was being informed that the appointment that had been made for me in May had been cancelled and it was not possible to provide an alternative date at present.

Now there are several things wrong here (deep breath):

1. They had failed to tell me about the appointment in the first place yet they had managed to send me a pointless letter telling me what I already knew about being referred and also a letter cancelling an appointment before they had told me about said appointment (well done, you’ve surpassed yourself there)
2. It is mental that the only way I knew I had an appointment was because it was cancelled – imagine how livid I would have been if it hadn’t been cancelled and the date had passed without me ever knowing I should have turned up
3. When I rang to check what the hell was going on, you can’t get through so I am still none the wiser (I expect it is because they are too busy typing up useless correspondence and mislaying the actual appointment letters)

I shouldn’t be surprised when NHS resources are being strangled to such an extent that the system will soon cease to function, but it still makes me fucking mad!

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