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Scratching the surface

It’s the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week today and also a couple of weeks since I found out that I was in the group that received the endometrial scratch as part of the SiM trial I took part in in mid-2016.

This means that the procedure could have helped sustain my pregnancy with Gus, and threw up all sorts of emotions, including the possibility that he may not be here if I had not had it done.

I’m so grateful to the Tommy’s team at University Hospital in Coventry, who gave me so much support during such an anxious time after three miscarriages. It’s not something that is standard unfortunately, and I certainly didn’t get the same support locally.

This year, Tommy’s, alongside The Miscarriage Association and other organisations, is calling on Governments across the UK to take action to ensure that the thousands of parents who experience pregnancy or baby loss, and need specialist psychological support, can access it. The organisation’s research shows that often this support is unavailable, inaccessible or inappropriate, and that those in need are falling through the gaps between policy and funding.

It’s often hard to ask for help, and even harder when that help never comes. I never even considered trying to find support when it was happening to me because the messages I was given were that it wasn’t important. Looking back, I definitely needed it. I’m glad I found the information myself to take part in the trial, but it should be readily available to those going through such a challenging time. My message for this week is that you are not alone, and that there is hope for change.
Image by klimkin from Pixabay

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