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Tommy’s #SleepOnSide campaign

An important message has been discussed this week as newly-released research has prompted a #SleepOnSide campaign by Tommy’s that advises women to go to sleep on their side during the third trimester of pregnancy to reduce the risk of stillbirth.

Having had early losses, I can’t imagine the pain of stillbirth, and there are some very brave women who have helped Tommy’s with the most sensitive way in which to give this particular advice.

Tommy’s say it much better than me so here are some common questions they have put together about the campaign.

It’s important to share this news as new advice can sometimes take time to filter through and there also tends to be lazy reporting in some sectors of the press, which lacks context and insight.

It’s vital to get this stuff right and it proves even more the need for the appropriate delivery of the #SleepOnSide message, to be able to balance helpful advice against further anxiety in pregnancy. Well done Tommy’s.

Find out more about the four studies that led to the campaign here.


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