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A waiting game

This week, I’m on countdown to the birth and I’m hoping that baby has turned as he was slightly back to back at my last midwife appointment. My firstborn was back to back, and it’s safe to say labour was absolutely excruciating with him pressing on my spine, but no-one had really discussed that position with me, so I was none the wiser about any helpful positions I could try before the birth and in labour.

This time, I’ve been given a bit more advice as I’ve asked more questions and so I’ve been trying to stay upright and also go up stairs sideways and walk round the kitchen like a camel, whilst also getting on all fours and waving my bum in the air. No…dignity…left.

I’m struggling with the usual third trimester symptoms like horrific piles, heartburn that wakes you in the night like you’ve been drinking paint stripper, diarrhoea (hope that’s a sign of impending labour), and tiredness and irritability that’s given me the patience of an aggravated fly. The only nesting I’ve experienced is wanting to build one round me and stay in it.

Then there is the mixture of anxiety and guilt, because the journey hasn’t been easy and you feel like you shouldn’t be moaning.

I’ve bought a TENS machine this time to help with any back labour and have some massage moves to teach husband from my yoga classes, although ‘What the fuck are these’ was not the reaction I was hoping for when showing him the moves. Looking forward to that calming influence in labour…

Image from Pixabay


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