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80s films you won’t believe I haven’t seen

So my husband has been mocking me recently because of the long list of really popular 80s films I’ve never seen. So to keep myself occupied whilst I wait for baby to arrive, I decided to write a little poem all about it.

I’ve not seen:

Die Hard or Halloween
Rocky or Rambo
Any of the Godfathers
Despite featuring Brando

Alien or Aliens
Or Apocalypse Now
No Lethal Weapons
Yes, I don’t know how

I missed Predator, Blade Runner
Platoon and The Fly
The Terminator, RoboCop
And The Tall Guy

The Thing, Raging Bull
48 Hours, Bill and Ted
Full Metal Jacket, Mad Max
And The Evil Dead

Good Morning Vietnam
Never saw it I did
Or any Police Academy
Or even The Karate Kid

A Nightmare on Elm Street
And Beverley Hills Cop
Young Guns and Hell Raiser
And Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Friday 13th
And When Harry Met Sally
Top Gun and Scar Face
I know, quite a tally

I must make amends
For this terrible score
But it was books I was into
Still am to the core

Appendix: I did however spend an entire summer holiday transcribing the script of Life of Brian when I was about 12, just after it came off the banned list, saw Cry Freedom at the cinema when I was 10 and went to see the Flying Pickets when I was 6.  We had a recording of the band called ‘The Flying Pickets Live at the Albany Empire’, so for a good few years that is where I thought they actually lived. Go figure.

Image from Pixabay


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