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Babyloss Awareness Week 2017

I’m resharing a post from back in April last year on talking about early pregnancy as we head into Babyloss Awareness Week tomorrow. It’s important we break the silence.  For events to mark this special week, take a look at the Miscarriage Association website here. ———————————————— One of the many excellent points made when Tommy’s… Continue reading Babyloss Awareness Week 2017

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Keep on keeping on

It has taken me a while to write this post. I was unsure when or if to share it, but decided it would help if I did.  After I had the ‘procedure’ for the SiM trial looking into treatments for recurrent miscarriage, I waited for my next period as instructed, and then we started trying… Continue reading Keep on keeping on

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It starts with a scratch

Progress has begun for me on the recurrent miscarriage trials. I had a call a couple of weeks ago to say that my blood test results were back from the University Hospital in Coventry. They had all come back ok except for the TSH test that measures thyroid function. Normal function is seen in the… Continue reading It starts with a scratch

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Trying to make a difference

I’ve been really keen to try and help with research into miscarriage in some way and so I have been keeping an eye on the Tommy’s website since their early miscarriage centre opened in London in April. I checked the site a couple of weeks ago and found they were recruiting for two different trials… Continue reading Trying to make a difference


A differing point of view

After the debacle of the letters from the hospital, I was pleasantly surprised when I had a call last week to say there had been a cancellation and was I able to come in on Monday. I jumped at the chance. The appointment was at the fertility clinic that generally deals with problems in getting… Continue reading A differing point of view


The 12-week taboo

It was great to see news of Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research on BBC Breakfast on Friday, giving it the exposure it rightly deserves. One of the many excellent points made was that discouragement of talking about pregnancy before the first scan perpetuates the problem of silence surrounding miscarriage. The modern practice of not… Continue reading The 12-week taboo