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Blog series post #2: Breakthroughs in miscarriage research

Following on from last week’s post on pregnancy loss support, many research projects are helping to make leaps forward in understanding the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of pregnancy loss, and finding new treatments for prevention. The cell-free fetal DNA study is investigating whether analysis of cell-free fetal DNA could help ascertain genetic reasons for early miscarriages. Women… Continue reading Blog series post #2: Breakthroughs in miscarriage research

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Blog series post #1: Progress in pregnancy loss support

To start the year (albeit a bit late – I’ve only just recovered from Christmas meltdown season), I thought a series of blog posts would encourage me to actually make time to blog, whilst also covering a selection of research and campaign issues that I think are important to highlight. In this first post of… Continue reading Blog series post #1: Progress in pregnancy loss support

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It’s all gone to skip…

It’s been difficult over the last few weeks. The struggle is real – a head strong 18-month-old and a five-year-old testing the boundaries. This is how our day goes at the moment: Get up (or wait for your husband to get up first and see how long extra you can stay in bed until you… Continue reading It’s all gone to skip…

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More than a score

At the end of the last school year, I received Herbie’s report to find that, along with a true reflection of his kind and inquisitive nature, his teacher had to add a piece of paper with a set of scores – from 1-3 – which depict whether a child is emerging, attaining or excelling in… Continue reading More than a score

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Animal magic in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds

As part of our recent cottage holiday to the Cotswolds, we paid a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens in Burford. The 160-acre site is a mix of beautiful landscaped gardens and parkland, animal enclosures, aviaries, insect and reptile houses, farmyard, and adventure playgrounds. Its beginnings in 1969 as the brainchild of John… Continue reading Animal magic in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds

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Together for change

I went to see the writer David Sedaris this weekend on his latest book tour. Amongst the memories he recalled were of people who had stood out at after-show signings. Two days ago, he remembered, he met a lovely Japanese woman. As his latest book is a collection of diary entries, he asked whether she… Continue reading Together for change

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In defence of Pevensey

On a hot inset day, we added Pevensey Castle to our list of English Heritage sites to fit into our year of membership. Five-year-old Herbie was keen to get into the site where William the Conqueror landed, in between peeing in the bushes in the field outside (there are no toilets on site although there… Continue reading In defence of Pevensey