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Going down…

So I had my AMH blood test results redone. This time at the hospital, where running the name pronunciation gauntlet can sometimes be worse as you are not a familiar face. Because my name is spelt with only an ‘e’ at the end – no ‘y’ or ‘i’, however much it makes some feel more at ease if you insert another vowel – it’s generally 50/50 between those that understand my name is Abbe as in the church and those that think I’m named after the grandad in The Simpsons. Anyway, today I was grandad but no matter as it was swiftly corrected when I was seen, not always the case…
Blood test taken, there was a little bit of confusion about who best to ring for the results so we plumped for the GP. A week later and the results were not in so my doctor said she would ring me when they were. She left a lovely message with the results, but her kind tone could not mask the fact that they were even worse than before. Down to 1.2 pmol/L from 1.7 – I’m like the stock exchange after Brexit.

To cut my waffle short, I’ve brought my upcoming hospital appointment forward to next month in case my hormones continue their determined march into oblivion. I will report back. In the meantime, I’m trying acupuncture again…

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