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Learning from a three-year-old

A few weeks ago I was able to meet up with a friend of mine who is originally from Germany, to help me decipher the letter my GP surgery received from the hospital after I had my first miscarriage in Frankfurt.

We were revisiting it as now I am on my third miscarriage, the doc thought it may reveal whether anything had been picked up during the biopsy. Pouring over the results revealed a lot of technical Latin (which neither of us speak funnily enough) but a refreshingly thorough approach to my loss, the conclusion being that they had not found anything to be concerned about. A good thing but no more answers.

But as I began to talk about how life had been quite stressful lately and my constant search for answers, my friend made me realise how much we can learn from our children and the time we spend with them. She said this: that my nearly three-year-old does not wake up and constantly think about what is happening next, for instance that they must stop to eat at a certain time or what they must get done that day. They simply live in the moment, playing and not worrying about what is coming next. If we can take a leaf out of their book, it helps us to do the same and learn how to simply be.

That’s my thought for the day folks.


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