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Dear Diary: March 25th

So today’s diary entry from 1990 fell on Mother’s Day that year. I’m sure my mum was delighted to be taken out for the day to do this:

Dear Diary: Today is Mother’s Day. I gave mum her card. Then we went to London on the coach for the Anti-Apartheid South Africa Freedom Now March. It was from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square and was very tiring.

Disclaimer: the picture actually shows a local demo outside the cricket ground in Hastings (before it got bulldozed to make way for the shopping centre featuring crapper versions of stores you can find elsewhere), protesting at the England cricket team’s decision to play in South Africa during the height of apartheid.

To keep my dad busy during lockdown, I did set him the task of digging out a photo out of the march, but that section in his meticulously documented photo album collection has mysteriously disappeared.



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