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Pronunciation fascination

I’m making sure I document the different ways in which Herbie mispronounces words so that I don’t forget how great a skill this is and how much it makes me smile.

Currently, he very much enjoys typing out poems on Microscopic (Microsoft) Word and is a bit annoyed that he has a bazuka (veruca).

He wants to order lots of toys on August (Argos) and amateur (Amazon), but doesn’t like marmalite (Marmalade) sandwiches. Sorry Paddington.

He likes buscetti (spaghetti) bolognese and vamilla (vanilla) ice cream, and practising inspressions (impressions).

As well as this, a particular favourite over the last couple of years is inexplicably shouting out ‘DAVID WALLIAMS!’at various intervals when we are out.

The End so far…


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