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Hello toucans!

I was kindly gifted my choice of MuralsWallpaper’s new summer 2019 children’s range recently. The new mini murals include life-size jungle scenes and natural landscapes, and the pastel, muted neon and soft green colour palettes used across the selection are based on current trending tones in interiors – particularly in kids’ design.

We wanted to do something different with our two-year-old Gus’s bedroom wall so the toucan design worked really well, as he loves nature and animals. The green colour scheme and tree motif give a real sense of calm, which my husband Rich needed as, although he’s a great painter and decorator, the wonky walls of our 19th century cottage make judging a straight line a challenge!

I really liked the friendly branding that started with the packaging after a speedy delivery…

We started by taking all the current pictures and shelves off the wall as it was…

And then it was biting of fingernails, as the mural started to go up…

The wallpaper does come with a really useful hanging guide, which is a life-saver for DIYers:

…and Rich says it’s a quality paste-the-wall paper, eliminating the need for a pasting table. It went up quickly, cuts very well – make sure your knife is sharp! – and butts together nicely. We are really impressed by the durability of the paper now it’s up too, which is ideal for a children’s bedroom.

Here’s the finished result:

We may cover the ancient radiator at a later date and add a small shelf without making it too busy. Gus loves it, and now waves and greets the wall every time he enters with ‘Hello toucans!’

There is an amazing range of beautiful designs that can be found on the MuralsWallpaper website so spend some time looking through them and it will be well worth it.



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