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Cooking with imagination

I’m trying something new in this post (hope it doesn’t sound too’PR’) and talking about a children’s book that I was sent some info on recently. I really liked it and thought you might too. It’s a children’s cookbook called Mission Cookpossible, written by Amelia Thorne and illustrated by Jose Fragaso. The characters are funny and interesting, with easy to create recipes to engage young readers. 

Your child is the main character who has to escape from the grip of a villain and his team in the ‘Gloop Lab’ who want to be made afternoon tea and supper. 

My favourite character description is: ‘Snuffles is one of the band of mini-mice from the Gloop Lab. He is the shyest of shy mice. Despite his shyness, he is a terrifically brave mouse, as well as being extremely clever, inventing a range of Very Useful Things. He recently went on holiday, travelling as far as the window-sill, and as a result is now designing a multi-mouse skydiving kit in order to effect a Great Escape from the Gloop Lab.’

You can visit the website to add your child’s name, the name of a friend, a fictional enemy and then choose from a wide selection of recipes (there are 15 ranging from full afternoon tea and a choice of supper dishes to pre-bedtime snacks). The book is then sent to the printers and arrives customised to your choices.

I thought it was a lovely idea to spark the imagination and encourage cooking in a humourous way. Head over to http://mrglue and take a look. It’s always good to be supportive!

About the Author:

Amelia Thorne lives with her husband, two children and a cat in North London. A graduate of Edinburgh University, she has had a wide-ranging career from working as a professional chef to managing a children’s nursery and working for Christie’s Auctioneers before getting involved in children’s books. 

About the Illustrator:

Jose Fragoso is from Spain and now lives in Chicago with his wife, two daughters and a dog. He illustrates for wide variety of clients, is the in-house illustrator for Picture Farm Productions in Brooklyn and teaches illustration to young people at the Instituto Cervantes.


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